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Professional non-stick coatings

The Ballarini Research and Development department, strong of a technological competence which has achieved the company a recognized leadership in the non-stick household market, has developed a project of highly innovative coatings specific to the professional sector. The Kerastone world offers 5 types of non-stick coatings for professional use which are specifically tested according to European standards in order to guarantee their greater non-stick quality and abrasion resistance.

Kerastone, three new ways of non-stick cooking



The black non-stick coating suitable for all ways of cooking

The latest non-stick developments for a universal
usage and best results.



The clear non-stick coating suitable for the best control of all cooking phases

The first and only non-stick clear professional coating. Ideal for transparency, clearness, browning and for the right cooking point
of butter, sauces and creams.
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The non-stick coating with mineral particles for perfect low- temperature food browning

The latest non-stick development research with mineral particles
and a heart of stone.
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