An Italian story, over a century long

Paolo Ballarini opened his craft workshop in Rivarolo Mantovano in 1889 where he produced articles in metal such as bird- cages, lampshades, kitchen utensils. He didn’t know at that time that he was founding an important family and business tradition that would last for the whole next century right up to the new millennium.

Ballarini successfully took on all of the changes of the 20th century, transforming the production from handicraft to industrial, developing skills that allowed it to cross the difficult periods of crisis and war, investing in technology and innovation.

In 1967 the first “teflon-coated” saucepan was produced: a revolution destined to change the world of cooking. Sensing the potential of this innovation, Ballarini planned an important investment that would determine a critical step in future growth: a non-stick coating application plant entirely within the company.

The immense technicalproductive worth of the plant caused the product to take off in many overseas markets and assured the company the future leadership in the market of cooking tools with non-stick coating. Today more than 300 employees work in the premises in Rivarolo Mantovano, led by the fourth generation of the Ballarini family, to produce over 12 million pans per year.

Ballarini Brand History